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May 3  • 

Seasonal Color Analysis

colors So what is seasonal color analysis? Seasonal color analysis is all about finding the right colors for you. For a first timer it can be a...

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April 6  • 

Can I be a Spring-Autumn or Summer-Winter Blend?

The typical seasonal color analysis wheel is composed of 4 seasons, each of them with their own degree of warmth, brightness and lightness. This...

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February 19  • 

Warm Colors vs Cool Colors In Seasonal Color Analysis

One of the first things you need to be able to perform seasonal color analysis on yourself or others is a clear understanding of the meaning of warm...

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November 21  • 

A Closer Look At The Autumn Color Palette

Autumn is the warmest and most muted of the four seasonal color analysis primary seasons, and all the palettes that have an influence from Autumn...

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October 21  • 

Natural Acne Treatment Ideas

Acne is a skin condition that affects both young and adult people, and can be caused by a variety of health and lifestyle issues, from stress to...

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September 10  • 

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare and beautiful, and most people with this eye color enjoy using makeup to make them the center of attention. However, finding the...

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July 23  • 

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne: Does It Work?

Traditional medicine has been using apple cider vinegar to treat acne and other skin conditions for centuries, but this home-made natural beauty...

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June 4  • 

Color Analysis Test: MAC Lipstick Edition

Getting draped in person is of course the best solution if you are dying to know in which seasonal color analysis category you fall. However, even if...

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May 5  • 

The Best Lipstick Colors For Winters

The perfect shade of red lipstick can be hard to find, but once you do it easily becomes your signature look when you want to look put together with...

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April 14  • 

What Is the Difference Between BB Cream and CC Cream

If you, like many, want to save time on your daily makeup routine and still enjoy flawless and healthy looking skin, complexion-perfecting creams are...

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