Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare and beautiful, and most people with this eye color enjoy using makeup to make them the center of attention. However, finding the right makeup for green eyes can be a challenge as you want your makeup to enhance your eyes and not compete with them. Whether your eyes are a muddy green, sparkling emerald or dark olive, we have you covered. We have found the best makeup tips for green eyes, so keep reading to learn how to make the most of your already gorgeous peppers!

Figure Out Your Natural Colors First

The best makeup for green eyes will depend on your natural skin tone and hair color. Seasonal color analysis can be really helpful here, because it will allow you to identify your natural levels of warmth, darkness and whether muted or bright colors suit you best. For example, the best eyeshadow for green eyes on a Soft Autumn would be much more muted and lighter than the jewel tones that suit Bright Winter so well. Your choice of green eyes makeup will also depend on whether you are after a natural “just me, but better” daytime effect, or you are getting ready for a night out or an office party. However, sticking to a range of colors that fit your natural coloring will make creating a balanced look much easier.

What Color Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Best Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Purple eyeshadow… or how to make green eyes pop

If you are wondering how to make green eyes pop, you can take inspiration from the color wheel. Colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel contrast heavily with each other. This makes purple the best green eye makeup if your goal is to make your green eyes pop. Most people with green eyes have light skin, and if that’s your case you should avoid black eyeliner which could look too harsh, and choose charcoal, copper or even gold instead.

For a more subtle effect, choose shades of gold, brown and even a deep red color for your green eye makeup. On the other hand, blues and pinks will compete with your natural eye color and the effect will be less harmonic, so better avoid them as eye shadows if you have green eyes.

What About Green Makeup For Green Eyes?

Green makeup can also be great for green eyes, provided you play with tone and intensity to ensure that your eyes take center stage. If you are blessed with bright green eyes, makeup in a muted shade of green such as forest green or olive can look great. Pale green eyes can be enhanced with a muted mint or golden sage color, particularly a shimmery or metallic texture that will make your eyes sparkle.

Even muted green eyes can look great in green: lining the waterline with a clear lime or light green can make them look more green and sparkly. If your eyes are muddy green or hazel and you want to make them look greener, a purple eyeliner will look best, however forest green is also a beautiful choice.

The Best Smokey Eye For Green Eyes

For a night out, consider ditching the typical black smokey eye and choose an unusual shade of mauve, violet or even a deep garnet color to enhance your natural green eyes and make them pop. Black generally overpowers green eyes unless you are wearing a lot of makeup or have a darker skin tone, so a charcoal or expresso brown eye liner suits green eyes best.

If your natural skin tone is warm you can achieve an incredible green eyes makeup using shades of copper and gold to create a smoky eye. Rose gold offers a more subtle effect for those with very light skin or looking to create a more natural but still attention catching look. If you are daring, pair it with red lips and lots of mascara for the ultimate green eye makeup look. Very bright green eyes, particularly emerald ones, can use aubergine or even a dark green eyeshadow with golden shimmer to create a high-impact look. Or for a more classic look, combine taupe and brown eye shadows and let your eyes do the talking.

The Best Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Mint green makes pale green eyes bright

It is difficult to find the best eye shadow for green eyes, as there are so many different types of greens. However, a good rule of thumb is to stick to warm colors unless your general coloring is very cool (in which case, you will look better in purples and mauves, and even a light greyish lavender). Oranges and purples make green eyes look even greener, but while red is directly opposite green in the color wheel it can look too edgy (and make your eyes look irritated) so it’s better to avoid unless you find a really dark shade of almost-black red.

Coppery bronzes and rose gold make for a pretty daytime look that can be made more festive with the addition of a couple coats of dark purple mascara and eyeliner. A cat eye can look great on bright green eyes, but can make dark green eyes look darker, and too much black liner or shadow can make small eyes look even smaller.

Do you have any other makeup tips for green eyes? Share your makeup ideas for green eyes on the comments!

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