Dark Winter – Seasonal Color Analysis

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Dark winter is also known as deep winter. The colouring is characterised by naturally dark hair and eyes, an overall cool colouring and a high level of contrast, but not as high as a clear winter or as cool as a cool winter. Dark winter is winter with a touch of autumn heat, and as such it has enough warm to it to wear some Dark Autumn colours. However, the overall look of the Dark Winter palette is cool.

Are You A Dark Winter?

Dark winter eyes are usually black or deep brown, but they can sometimes be a very dark olive, hazel or deep blue. Light blue eyes are most likely Bright or Cool Winters. Your skin can be olive, bronze or a light cool beige, without an obvious warm undertone, although it often has a certain degree of warmth to it compared with a Cool season. If your skin tone veers towards warm and you look better in burnt orange than in fuchsia you may be a Deep Autumn instead. Hair is usually dark, from almost black to chocolate, but can often have a reddish tinge.

Dark Winter Celebrities

Some dark winter celebrities include Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz.

Dark Winter Anne Hathaway

Cover of Anne Hathaway

Dark Winter Palette

Your level of contrast is high, so you need to reflect that on your clothing. Your best colours include black, pure white, dark charcoal, true shades such as true red, green or blue, burgundy, icy pink and brown black.

Avoid very warm colours such as golden orange and brown, peach and light beige. Pastel colours may make you look sick, but icy light colours such as icy pink will look stunning on you, when combined with darker colours from your palette.


In makeup you should try colours such as deep brown or purple for your eyes, and true red, ruby and burgundy shades for your lips. What will look overpowering on a lighter season looks just right on you.

As a dark winter, you can afford to be dramatic both in terms of colours and contrast. Nobody else wears dark colours like dark winter and Deep autumn, and dramatic makeup will look natural on you. Avoid shades that are too light and will wash you out, or harsh highlights that would reduce your level of contrast and reduce the overall dramatic effect of your dark hair.

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